Boost your health while sitting.
Active Chair – the only chair you need in your life.

  • pushes you into proper sitting posture without your help
  • improves concentration and creativity
  • improves balance ability and body flexibility
  • prevents back pain and reduces tension in back muscles
  • easy maintenance, allergens free, washable covers

*Now available only for kids, but soon also for adults!


Active Chair makes your back more flexible, your muscles more active and your mind more open.

Let’s start with our kids, so they won’t have the same back issues like us as they grow up.

*Note: this video was made for prototype presentation.

Provide your child what is best for him.


Approved by our customers

Active Chair is exactly what I was searching for my 7-year-old Sophie. She truly is one restless child and sitting still for homework was mission impossible. But, since we’ve bought the Mushy chair with the moving seat, she’s quite more concentrated and she sits in a proper doesn’t even allow to sit otherwise, it’s perfect.. plus the chair looks amazing (the turf.., omg)!

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the models for adults!

Elizabeth M., UK
Best active chair I’ve seen. My kids can’t wait to get their hands on it!
Peter B., Slovenia
It’s just so fluffy! 🙂 We can’t get our Shannon from it.. She plays with it, eats on it and makes her best drawings on it..
Great value for this price, plus we’re one of the first to have it! 😉
Helen and Mark, Canada

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Active Chair for office

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